The Mumbai JUNIORTHON is the first ever annual running event for children & junior athletes in Mumbai. JUNIORTHON is all about Mumbai children running towards a healthier future and supporting a good cause. The goal of JUNIORTHON is to encourage outdoor activities and physical fitness amongst children by giving them an opportunity to accomplish the goal of running.

JUNIORTHON aims to create awareness on the rise of Childhood Obesity & related diseases due to lack of outdoor activities and teach the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle by encouraging children to walk and get active each day. We seek to promote that getting dirty is healthier than playing with gadgets which makes children more vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency, depression and chronic weight-related diseases.

  • Every child needs to play outdoors for his or her physical, social and emotional wellbeing.
  • The event promotes running as an active lifestyle for children and the entire family.
  • We appeal to every parent, teacher & coach to inculcate, support and exercise their RIGHT TO SPORTS for children!
  • The categories are planned to accommodate various levels of runners considering age and distance.