Running is a sport for all ages. –  People learn to run at an early age, and many continue to run well into their 70’s and beyond.  Running is a sport in which everyone in the family can participate. It is not very common to see children taking part in short or long distance running or showing interest in outdoor activities. Running as a discipline has not received its importance in our conventional education system and hence they lack in participation and performance.

Running is primary to any physical activity. It is a part of almost all  sports (amateur or professional). Hence, running deserves higher importance and the due attention must be given during developing years

Believe it or not, though, running can be fun – and not in a “tough love, learning experience” kind of way – just a straight up good time. Give it a chance!

Running is a good reason every kid should drop the video game controller and head out that door for a run (don’t worry, the video games will still be there when you get back).

Even running for 10 minutes around the block is enough to get something called “endorphins” (a chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy) flowing. Combine that with the joy of being outside, away from school or homework, and you’ve got a recipe for success.
Running a few times a week is the perfect way to get your legs and lungs ready for a full-court press or an outfield dash to catch a fly ball. Just 10 to 30 minutes a day is all you need to make a big difference in your game.

Even if you don’t play other sports actually, especially if you don’t play other sports – running is still an important part of a healthy lifestyle. People of all ages should exercise a few times a week.

Running is the perfect exercise. It will result in improved physical fitness.  Running strengthens the heart, lungs, and major muscles of the body.

Remember to:

  • Warm up
  • Avoid overdoing
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Wear the right shoes
  • Eat healthy
  • Train correctly
  • Cool down

Running can be a sport, an adventure, an avenue to better your grades, or a way to become happier and enjoy a longer life. The more you run, the more fun and rewarding it becomes. So what are you waiting for?
Get Moving!